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Sports Therapy

Michael Brown Fraser

Mike is a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist and Injury Rehabilitation specialist. He has over fifteen years treatment experience, gained working in private clinical settings, corporate and business surroundings as well as within elite sport. He specialises in areas of Deep Tissue Therapy, Remedial, Holistic as well as Sports Massage solutions to help reduce the risk or recurrence of injury through to improving levels of activity for daily living and / or sports performance. People who book soft tissue treatments cover a wide spectrum; from young adolescents through to mature, older patients, those with acute (short-term), sub-acute and chronic (long- term) conditions as well as individuals with impairments. The majority of clients are local to the Manchester region, although some do come from further afield, including international athletes who regularly compete in and around the North West. As someone who’s worked in a Business / Corporate setting, I understand a number of the issues, ailments, stresses, aches and strains from an increased sedentary lifestyle. The solutions devised are designed and created to help reduce short and long-term signs and symptoms as well as aide recovery.


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Therapy Costs

All therapies will use the same pricing system. We have a sliding scale for therapy costs which are based on household income. Payment will be taken at the time of booking.

*Opportunity to pay extra to help make therapies accessible to those who cannot afford them.

Prices to be reviewed at the end of May.

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