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Clinical Reflexology
Yoga Therapy
Integrative Somatic Techniques

Jane Bartholomew is an experienced, fully qualified Clinical Reflexologist and Yoga Therapist. She is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) and of the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance (YIHA).

Her yoga therapy training is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Independent Yoga Network (IYN)

She specialises in Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm and Chronic Pain and has extensive experience supporting those with social or emotional difficulties, trauma, chronic illness, depression, sleep problems, burnout, fatigue, injuries, cancer and caring responsibilities and works with Children and Young people, Parents and Carers and Individuals.


An established, non-invasive, complementary therapy and is suitable for all ages from newborn babies to those receiving end of life care. It is an effective therapy in its own right but is also used to complement conventional medicine and NHS hospitals increasingly employ reflexologists to support conventional treatment.

The deep state of relaxation patients experience during a session means that stress related conditions may respond particularly well to reflexology. It is less inhibiting than some touch therapies - you only have to take off your footwear!

Jane is also qualified in RLD (Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage) which is being used widely for the treatment of Lymphoedema, after a clinical trail showed positive results for cancer patients.

Yoga Therapy

A responsive, trauma aware therapy that aims to meet you exactly where you're at, supporting you to develop strategies and techniques that will enable you to cope in an increasingly stressful world. A session may look quite different from what is now more often thought of as ‘yoga’.and may be particularly useful for those who find it difficult to engage in talking therapies. 

Integrative Somatic Techniques

A dysregulated nervous system can affect our experience of the world around us, and both internal and external factors will impact our nervous system. Resources, practical tools, exercises and techniques that are helpful and relevant to you, will support nervous system regulation and flexibility.

To learn more about how these therapies can support your specific issues, contact Jane, or visit

Jane also provides private sessions at her other clinic.

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