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Breath Work

Jane Bartholomew

Jane has trained extensively in the breath as a therapeutic intervention through her yoga therapy and somatic trainings and has also undertaken further training with Breath-Body-Mind, Yoga and Trauma and in Buteyko breathing.  Focused breathwork supports a move from the stress response (fight, flight, fear, freeze, collapse) supports nervous system regulation, reduces defensive reactions such as fear and anger, increases our feelings of safety and connection and supports social engagement. By consciously changing our breathing patterns, we can change the way we feel quite quickly. Understanding that we can have control over the way we breathe, and what is actually happening in our bodies as a result, may allow us to feel more in control. 

Therapy Costs

All therapies will use the same pricing system. We have a sliding scale for therapy costs which are based on household income. Payment will be taken at the time of booking.

*Opportunity to pay extra to help make therapies accessible to those who cannot afford them.

Prices to be reviewed at the end of May.

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