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Multi-Therapy Programmes

Navigating the Menopause

An innovative 5-week programme to support women who are experiencing menopausal and perimenopause symptoms.

This programme has been subsidised thanks to the National Lottery & Trafford Housing Trust so the whole cost per person is £50. A lower cost option is available for women with low income.

Sessions will run once a week from 11 – 1pm at Victoria Park Community Room, Stretford.

Programme dates: 

Friday 14th June 2024
Friday 21st June 2024
Friday 28th June 2024
Friday 5th July 2024

Friday 12th June 2024

We know there is no one magic bullet to a healthy menopause but that a combination of diet & life style changes can be transformative.​


You will:

  • Learn about the wide range of symptoms; emotional, physiological & psychological, that perimenopause can cause.

  • Get information about HRT, herbal supplements & vitamins.

  • Have taster sessions of acupuncture, reflexology and have individually tailored nutritional advice.

  • Learn breathwork, deep relaxation techniques and yoga routines to incorporate into your daily life.

  • Share your experiences and meet women going through the same issues


We are seeking women who can engage with all five sessions. You only need to register for the first session on 7th June to sign up to the whole programme.


For further information email:


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