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The Wellbeing Rooms

Providing affordable therapies to the local  community of Stretford and surrounding areas.

Explore Affordable Wellbeing Therapies in Our Community-Focused Clinic

At our wellbeing rooms, we provide a variety of therapeutic services such as counselling, acupuncture, and yoga therapy, tailored to meet diverse needs and budgets, ensuring effective, accessible care for managing chronic health conditions.


Harness the ancient art of acupuncture to rebalance your body’s energy and alleviate pain, enhancing overall wellness.

Breath Work

Discover the power of controlled breathing to reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and boost emotional resilience.


Explore professional counselling to navigate life’s challenges and foster personal growth and emotional resilience.

Nutritional Therapy

Optimise your health through tailored nutritional advice, designed to support your body’s unique needs and wellness goals.


Tap into the transformative power of hypnosis to modify behaviours, enhance mental well-being, and achieve personal milestones.


Experience the benefits of reflexology, a therapy focusing on specific pressure points in the feet to improve health and relieve stress.

Sports Massage/Therapy

Enhance recovery and prevent injury with sports massage, tailored to alleviate muscle tension and improve athletic performance.

Yoga Therapy

Embrace yoga therapy to harmonise body and mind, improving flexibility, strength, and mental clarity through personalised practices.

Treatments We Provide

All of our practitioners are fully qualified and registered their relevant professional bodies. 

Our mission is to make therapeutic treatments affordable, effective and accessible to the local community.

We offer a range of services including counselling, acupuncture, reflexology, nutritional therapy, yoga therapy, breathwork, hypnotherapy and sports massage/therapy.

We believe that everyone should be able to access therapies that work for them. We charge on a sliding scale so they are affordable for more people.

We will also be running innovative, multi-therapy programmes, giving support and advice to help people manage chronic health issues such as anxiety, menopause, stress and pain conditions.

The Wellbeing Rooms

"A beautiful building to feel relaxed in the hands of a wonderfully talented team. I would highly recommend this experience."


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